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Festival diep-haven 2017

Commissaire : Philippe Terrier Hermann

In 2017, the Diep-Haven Festival will engage with the theme of ‘work’, with the memory of the long tradition associated with the representation of work/labour, as well as the history of photography and the relation between the two. We are inviting artists of all backgrounds to work in the context of Dieppe and/or Newhaven and their surrounding areas, including the ferry route linking the two towns.
The history of the representation of work in art is strongly linked to the development of ideas around social reform, humanism and socialism since the 18th century. Beyond the memorialisation and appreciation of the individual and his/her work, the representation of the worker implies a subjective understanding that foregrounds a particular aspect of the person and/or their activity, freeing them from the totalising images of ‘the workforce’ in order to draw out and contemplate who the people are that make up the working community today.
We selected projects that have a connection to lens-based practice, which engage with and interrogate modes of representation in order to deliver a personal response to the specific context in which the work is created.